Board of Directors


Chairman: Jack

Jack has been involved in the local leather community for over 15 years. He was unwittingly sucked into lugging boxes for NELA at the Summer Flea several years ago and became steadily more involved, helping with and volunteering for the Fleas, Pride, Volunteer Coordination and other duties. He wanted to increase his activism in the leather community AND kill off every scrap of what little free time he had left, and so in 2009 he joined the NELA board as Co-Director of Associates with his wife Kerry, in which position they continued to lug boxes at the Flea, just with a fancier title. In February 2013 he became the Chair of NELA, while still retaining his original job of being He Who Lifts Things Up And Puts Them Down.


Treasurer: Nica

Nice is a scientist who dreams of being an artist.  She spent her childhood and formal education figuring out how the physical world around her works.  About the time she attended her first flea, she realized that the world was populated with people who are fascinatingly diverse and complicated.  Since then she’s been exploring and figuring out communication, emotions, and relationships.  She started volunteering in 2014 because she liked the people, and finds herself more involved each year.


Secretary: Vacant



Publications: Rob

Having been involved with volunteering for the flea for the past ten years, Rob originally joined the board as Co-Secretary with his wife. This year he was voted in as Member at Large, in charge of Publications.
Being sexually non-binary and kinky his whole life, he feels he brings to the board both perspective and drive to see NELA continue to provide the Education, Outreach and Advocacy to all the BDSM communities, groups and organizations in New England.


Director of Associates: Kristina

Kristina is an introverted scientist who loves kink and has been active in the New England scene for over 5 years. She has volunteered for NELA, MOB, Bound in Boston, and organizes events for the Queer & Kinky NELA SIG. She enjoys bootblacking and foot care/massage, and LOVES going to tea!  You can find Kristina running between the lounges, classes and socials at the Flea.


Programming: Percival Du Chat Gris

Lord Percival (Percy to most) has been active in the scene both in private and in public for almost four decades, and been teaching, lecturing, mentoring, and training others for almost a quarter century. He''s been involved and associated with many NELA events for a large number of years, from volunteering here and there, to giving classes, and serving as Program and Education Director for several years. Seeing a need for someone to step in and take a hold of the role of juggling the webpages and dealing with our electronics, and finding that he would enjoy doing such, Percy stepped forward to take up that responsibility. He is more than willing to shoulder what is necessary to get the job done and looks forward to working with the great group of people on the NELA board.


Social Media: -Iya-

-Iya- is passionate about clear communication, behind-the-scenes event coordination and the arts. She has found a place to bring her multitude of skills together in the kink community with New England Leather Alliance. She is one of three Programming Division Heads for the Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket, curator for the FFF Photo Lounge, and year-round coordinator for NELA Intensive Kink Education. She joins the board as Director of Social Media after helping in this capacity for several years running. Oh, and she’s damn good at Percy wrangling.


Outreach: VACANT


Member at Large: VACANT


Board Member Requirements

  • Attend 10 of the 12 board meetings.
  • Introduce two speakers at events - if appropriate.
  • Attend three of the four major NELA functions: Pride, Associates Meeting, the two FFFs.
  • Respond to email within 48 hours, or notify the board when you cannot.
  • Notify the Board of extended travel plans.
  • NELA should be one's primary volunteer activity.
  • Abide by all NELA''s policies and bylaws.