October 17-19, 2014

Crowne Plaza Hotel, Warwick, RI

To tickle, be tickled, or watch tickling, it’s all so much fun! NELA is delighted to offer our first weekend intensive KINK Education program this October. Join P.E.T.E and GRLee for a tickling extravaganza! We’ll start the weekend off with a special Friday Night "Love Your Feet" Party and of course there will be DANCING! Saturday night a Tickle Party and what would a Tickle Party be without a Tickle Playshop! We’ll offer Tickle Games - Wheel of Torture, Tickle Twister, cards and dice games and more. Come, relax, enjoy, and tickle or be tickled!

This event will be a great opportunity to explore this and related kinks more deeply, to strengthen skills and awarenesses, stretch and push boundaries internally or with partners, for those who live and love tickling and sensation play and even those with aversions. Over the length of the weekend, attendees will have greater opportunity to be more directly and deeply involved in demos and play in a people-safe(r), kink-accepting, tickle-playful, tickle-torturous environment. We will be swimming in all depths of the pool this weekend, so come dive in with us!

Classes offered Saturday morning through Sunday afternoon will include: Tickle Torture, Tickling and Power Exchange, Erotic Tickling, Integrating Tickling into Mixed Scenes, Bondage for Tickling, aftercare for Lees & Lers, and an extensive Communication & Negotiation presentation that applies to all areas of kink.

Attendees are encouraged to bring: (Nothing is required, but some things are highly suggested...)

  1. favorite tickle clothes, vanilla hotel-friendly clothes, tank tops/shorts
  2. tickle tools
  3. favorite non-tickle scene paraphernalia, tools, equipment
  4. personal bondage equipment: cuffs, rope, straitjackets, bondage tape, plastic wrap, belts, straps, et al
  5. water bottle
  6. note taking supplies
  7. after care supplies, if any (might include twizzlers)
  8. any regular paraphernalia that you normally use during tickling, will be used in guided play period and possibly during classes/demos

Come and play...we double-dog dare you!

This is a hotel event with limited classroom space. The cost of the weekend includes your hotel room and is offered at discounted rates, depending on how many people you register with. To meet our costs, participants are encouraged to limit to two people per room and must register together to get the discount.

Register here!


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