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FAQ Winter Fetish Fair Fleamarket ®

What is the Fetish Fair Fleamarket?
The Fetish Fair Fleamarket, also known as the Winter Flea, or simply The Flea, is the largest leather/
fetish event in New England, bringing together a hundred top vendors and craftspeople, over 3000
attendees, and dozens presenters sharing their knowledge, skills and expertise.

Who comes to the Fetish Fair Fleamarket?
Our events draw a very diverse group of attendees with people of many genders, orientations,
lifestyles, abilities, ages, kinks, fetishes, and interests. The Flea is the first kink event for many of our
attendees, and every attempt is made to keep our event an open, inclusive, educational and fun

Where is the event held?
The Winter Flea is held at the Crowne Plaza (Airport) Warwick/Providence, 801 Greenwich Avenue,
Warwick, RI. We have all the guestrooms (other than those held for the airline personnel), and all of the
public function space, as well as the entirety of the Holiday Inn Express, at 901 Jefferson Blvd., also in
Warwick RI, as our ‘overflow’ hotel.

What are the dates?
FFF #48 – Friday, February 17th through Sunday, February 19th, 2017
FFF #50 – Friday, February 16th through Sunday, February 18th, 2018
FFF #52 – Friday, February 15th through Sunday, February 17th, 2019

Can I stay at the hotel?
Our hotel rooms at the Crowne Plaza, and our overflow hotel, Holiday Inn Express, also in Warwick, go
on sale in late summer and sell out very quickly. We will have a handful of rooms that are released to
the public in the 30-60 days before the Flea. Watch our social spaces on Twitter, Facebook and Fetlife
for announcements. Of note, there are over a dozen hotels and motels within a 5 mile radius of the
Crowne Hotel. Google is your friend.

What can I expect at the Winter Flea?
We have nearly 100 vendors, over 130 kink related class elements including a handful of lounges and
meet and greets. There are a couple of free events on Friday night and a paid ticket play party on
Saturday night, sold separately from your Flea admission.

How do I get a ticket?
Tickets are available online, usually sometime in November. Starting in 2016 our admission tickets will
be managed by Coil Registration - see https://nelaonline.org/fetish-fair-fleamarket/winter-fleamarket/
winter-admission, or simply www.nelaonline.org, for pricing details. You may also buy a ticket in person
at the con. Tickets are priced for daily (Fri, Sat or Sun) or full weekend entry. On Saturday night we
have a separate ticketed event, NELA’s Own Winter Flea Play Party. Tickets are limited will be on sale
until sold out: www.nelaonline.org/tickets

When is vending open?
The Room Vendors, first floor, north side of the lobby, just past the elevators, are open Fri-Sat-Sun. The
Grand Ballroom is open Saturday 10 - 6pm, Sunday 10 - 4pm.

When are the classes?
We offer over 130 class elements, lounges and socials. The program runs Friday 6 pm - 11:30 pm,
Saturday 9 am - 12:45 am, Sunday 10 am - 4 pm.

When is registration open at con?
Registration hours for FFF48 (Feb 2017):
Friday, 2/17: 3 pm - 12 midnight
Saturday, 2/18: 8 am - 10 pm
Sunday, 2/19: 9 am - 3 pm

Where do I get my wristband?
When you arrive at the hotel you’ll be directed to registration in the lobby to obtain your wristband.

When are the evening events? What are they?
We have three events on Friday evening that are free including Kinky Speed Dating and our BDSM
Taster, both scheduled from 7:45 pm - 9:45 pm. These are followed by RKO Army performing Rocky
Horror, 11 pm - 2 am. Saturday evening we will host our own NELA Play Party which will have a
separate ticketed entry. The party will technically be two parties, the early party goes from 6 pm - 9:45
pm, the late party goes from 10:15 pm - 2 am.

I bought a party ticket, where and when do I get my wristband?
Wristbands will be available Saturday afternoon from 12-5 pm at the NELA Swag table in the lobby
outside the lobby, and again from 5:30 onwards at the party entrance, Plaza Foyer and Ballroom.

Do you need volunteers?
YES! The Fetish Fair Fleamarket is completely run by volunteers. If you would like to learn more,
please contact nelavolunteer at gmail.com.