Sponsors and Advertising

Sponsorship Levels

Level Cost PB Ad Size Goodie
NELA Web Site Booth Upgrades
Bronze $500 Quarter page 1 paper item 2 Named on sponsor page Tiered preferential location
Silver $1,250 Half page 1 paper item AND
1 non-paper item*
3 Ad on sponsor/vendor pages^ Tiered preferential location
Gold $2,500 Full page 1 paper item AND
1 non-paper item*
4 Ad on main FFF page^ Tiered preferential location
Platinum $5,000 inside/back cover 1 paper item AND
1 non-paper item*
6 Slide Show Ad^ Tiered preferential location

* Non-paper item is limited to approx 3-4oz weight, 3 square inches in size (i.e. a yo-yo, condom, lube-packet, whistle, pen, etc...)
^ Images hosted on NELA web site until 3/1/2017

Sponsorship Upgrades

  • Upsize ad in program book: $150 (depending on availability)
  • Additional weekend passes (limit 20): 50% off
  • Goodie Bag Item: $50 (paper), $75 non-paper

Advertising Options

At Con: Program Book: NELA web site: (all graphics to be hosted on the site until 3/1/2017)

We are flexible! If you are interested in sponsoring or advertising but want different options please don't hesitate to ask for what you want!

To setup an advertising or sponsorship contract or ask questions please email us: publications (at) nelaonline (dot) org

Thank you for your consideration!