December 5, 2016 - This is it folks, the official opening of the Volunteering Schedule for Fetish Fair Fleamarket® #48, February 17-19, 2016!

The FFF is entirely volunteer run - from the people checking your ID and attaching your wristband, to the people helping load vendors in and out and the whole NELA Board.

We NEED YOU in order to make this amazing event happen.

Please take a look at the available jobs: Volunteer Jobs
The job title and hours are listed alongside how many people are needed for that shift. For example, ‘count 4’ means that a total of 4 people are needed for that job title and time.
Click on the job title to be brought to a description page. Some jobs have restrictions, so please check them first. Feel free to try something new, too!
This is a READ-ONLY spreadsheet, please do not try to fill it in.

Once you choose a job and time that you want to sign up for, please EMAIL us at: NELAvolunteer@gmail.com
Please include the following:

  1. Your legal name
  2. The name you want on your nametag
  3. Specific job title and shift you would like to do.
If you need to sign up *someone else* please include:
  1. Their legal name
  2. Their desired name for their nametag
  3. Their e-mail address
  4. Their desired job title and shift
This is the only way to sign up. Please do not send emails to any other NELA address or request a shift through FetLife.
This is a huge schedule and it’s a big help to funnel the information through one point of contact.

Check out the volunteer rewards here:

  • 4 hours: Free entrance to the event for weekend (not including separately-ticketed nighttime events)
  • 6 hours: The above, plus a one-year Associateship to NELA
  • 8 hours: The above, plus a NELA T-Shirt
  • 10 hours: The above, plus an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party for yourself for free on April 22, 2017.
  • 12 hours: The above, plus an invitation to the Volunteer Appreciation Party for a guest for free.
  • 16 hours: The above, plus a single ticket to one of the two NELA play parties on Saturday night (February 18th, 2017).
  • 20+ hours: The above, plus a second ticket to the same NELA play party.

Thank you in advance for your hard work!

We look forward to hearing from you,
The Volunteer Coordinators

Changed your information?

We're always updating our database. If you changed your email address, please send your old address and your new address to NELA Associates. Thanks!