Charitable Giving & Grants


Grant Application Instructions


May 1 and November 1 of each year.

The New England Leather Alliance is committed to having a charitable giving program. As such we provide a grant application process that will allow S/m, leather and fetish groups to apply for operating funds. In addition, individuals may apply for projects or to attend certain events.

Application process:

Please complete the form. In addition to the forms, if you are an organization, please complete the following in the ''Extra Information field'':

  1. History and purpose:
    • Briefly describe your organization''s history, purpose and at least one event/project from the last year.
    • Describe your organization''s current work and activities.
  2. Who is your Constituency?
    • Describe the composition of your organization''s constituency, membership, and staff.
    • Who is actively involved in your work and how do they benefit from this project and/or your organization?
  3. Describe your request:
    • Describe the work for which your organization is requesting funding, in terms of the following:
      1. Objectives: What does your organization want to accomplish?
      2. Plan: How will your organization achieve the objectives?
      3. Timetables: When will the objectives be achieved?
      4. Evaluation: How will your organization assess the effectiveness of its activities for the funding period?
  4. For project support requests only:
    • Why did your organization decide to pursue this project?
    • Is it a new or ongoing part of your organization? 


Available Grant Applications

  • General Grants: Online - Download PDF
  • Ayem Willing Travel Fund: Online (For volunteers at an event and only need help with travel)