Wintersong Tashlin Intensive & Play Party

Sunday, October 11, 2015 (Columbus Day weekend)

Featuring Wintersong Tashlin presenting 'Introducing Your Monster to Your Lover' and 'Sex that Hurts'

Wintersong Tashlin will be leading our next NELA Intensive at our favorite private club in Providence, RI. Join us for two intensive classes during the day, take a break for dinner, then return in the evening for an open play party. This private club is well equipped with a variety of play rooms, quality bondage equipment and a staff who make the most excellent hosts.

NELA Intensive Class begins at 1 pm (doors open at 12:30 pm):

Introducing Your Monster to Your Lover (90 minutes)
What happens when you or your partner decides to go into the deepest, ickiest personal darkness and bring something out into the light… and the bedroom? This class will focus on the “how, why, and when” of this journey. We will talk about how (and whether) to discuss, and safely, healthily, and erotically include, some of the darker aspect of yourself in your relationship and play. The class is also equally appropriate for spouses and partners. No subject for discussion will be taboo, and people should come prepared for a frank discussion of subjects that may be frightening, or disturbing.

Sex that Hurts (2 hours)
Genitorture and fucking are rarely put together, at least in that order. We’re going to talk about techniques and practices for combining CBT or twat torture with various forms of good old fashioned, orgasm inducing activities like intercourse, oral sex, and “hands on” stimulation. Join us to discuss the do’s, the don’ts, and the didn’t know you could’s of “Sex That Hurts.”

Then let the play party begin! We'll take a break for dinner at 5 pm, coordinating a place to go nearby for those who'd like some socializing, then the PLAY PARTY begins at 7 pm. It's a holiday weekend folks - come join us to express your darkest, deepest desires.


  • $35 NELA Intensive with Wintersong Tashlin + Play Party
  • $25 NELA Intensive only
  • $25 Play Party only
NELA Associates take $5 off all ticket prices!
*Participants must be 18 years old, legal names required for registration and admission to venue, verifiable by government-issued picture ID

Registration link: NELA Tickets Web Site

About our presenter:
Wintersong Tashlin ( is a presenter, shaman, writer, and photographer who has been teaching and running rituals for over a decade. His classes cover a variety of erotic, spiritual and sexual topics, with specialities in playing with male-bodied people, needle play, cbt, polyamory, roleplaying, communication, and playing with unusual fetishes; as well as LGBT issues, trans/cis relationships, disability, and both erotic and non-erotic spiritual and magical topics. He is the former assistant producer for Dark Odyssey Events, and a past associate editor of The Bilerico Project, an LGBT politics & culture blog. Winter’s extensive presenting history include kink/BDSM, LGBTQ, and pagan events and organizations throughout the northeast, and across the nation, as well as TV, internet video, and podcast appearances.